7 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Roofer Rather Than Attempt a DIY Project

Nowadays, many people hold the notion that DIY projects will save some bucks, and they’re right! Well, at least to some degree. While DIY projects can sometimes offer short-term benefits, dangers could be staring at you over the long term. This is especially the case when it comes to roofing. Do you need a roof inspection, roof leak repair, or installation of a new roof? You should seriously be considering hiring a professional. But why you ask? Here’s why:

1. Professionalism

A local roofing contractor offers professionalism and keeps an eye on every detail.  Therefore, regardless of how small a roof issue may appear, you can count on the roofing experts for a high level of performance.

A professional will ensure straightforward communication throughout the entire process. The property owner will receive updates about the project on a regular basis. This makes it easier to track the progress and presents the opportunity to address any issues together.

2. Quality assurance

When you opt for a DIY project, you’re only limited by your imagination and resources. This is not necessarily a good thing as it means there are no guidelines to follow when doing the job. As such, quality assurance could be an issue in some cases.

A professional, on the other hand, has quality assurance on their mind as a top priority. They are well versed in their craft and have been trained to know exactly what they’re doing.

Experienced roofing professionals will help homeowners choose high-quality roofing materials. He will tactfully guide the homeowner away from choosing poor-quality roofing materials as this will negatively affect results.

Roofing materials may come with a warranty. However, for that warranty to be valid, you have to hire an experienced roofing contractor. A good roofing contractor will examine the warranty making sure the customer is well covered.

3. Critical knowledge

Unlike a DIY enthusiast, a professional has been trained with the knowledge to complete even the most complicated roofing job. As such, they can ensure that your roofing project is being handled properly at all times and that it’s done so in accordance with industry standards. This means you get something of higher quality than if you opted for DIY.

Do not assume that any handyman can effectively handle a leak repair, or knows how to keep and attic properly vented. Experience and skills matter when it comes to roofing. A roofing professional undergoes serious training. This includes theoretical lessons along with on-the-job training, while under the supervision of a qualified mentor. This training process is necessary for the roofers to acquire the right skills to get the job done right.

With this in mind, do not hire a roofing contractor unless he can show his credentials, and has completed a number of projects previously. It may be necessary to ask for references in order to check his level of experience, and quality of skills.

4. It’s safer

Consider the fact that climbing up on the roof is an acrobatic feat that requires some skill and expertise, not to mention the use of specialized equipment which should be used in full observance of caution.  You could try to get ahold of some of this equipment yourself in order to do your own inspection, however without the skills and experience of a professional you are opening yourself up to the possibility of sustaining a serious injury.  Keeping yourself out of harm’s way is just one of the benefits that come with hiring a professional roofing contractor.

Roofing is one of the most dangerous DIY jobs due to the fact that it involves working at heights without adequate safety measures. This can lead to slips and falls which are extremely dangerous for those involved. Professional roofers, on the other hand, have all the necessary equipment and training to ensure they do their work safely.

For experienced roofing contractors, roofing problems are not new. They have done the job long enough and gained the expertise to be familiar with common roofing issues. When a roofing contractor is installing or repairing a roof, the safety of your family and property takes the first priority.

With a safety-first attitude in mind and the carefully cultivated experience of a professional, cases of accidents during the roofing project remain low.

5. They will deal with insurance claims

If you have an accident while doing the roofing work yourself, such as slipping and falling off the roof or getting injured by something that falls from it, then you could be held liable for any damages. You may even face legal action if injuries are caused to another person on your property, so keep in mind that your safety is not the only thing you need to consider. Even if your DIY project doesn’t lead to injury or damages to the adjacent property, any damages to your home that result from sub-par craftsmanship may not be covered.

If you are ever in the unfortunate circumstance where you need to engage with an insurance company in regard to your roof, you will be glad to have the expertise of a well-established roofing company at your disposal.  Dealing with insurance companies can be arduous in the best of times, and downright horrendous when you have buckets collecting water situated in your living room.  Most roofing companies are equipped to deal directly with your insurer, ready to hold your hand every step of the way.

6. Less stress

For most people, a DIY job can be the source of stress as they have to deal with many things at once. Completing a project on your own roof is no small task!

When you hire a professional, you can enjoy peace of mind. In any building or construction project, peace of mind is of great importance.

For roofing projects, you do not want to be the one looking after every nail and shingle. Professional roofers understand the importance of project management. Thus, you do not have to be at the site every morning to make sure the workers follow the right procedures. To enjoy such ease of mind, employ the services of an experienced roofing company.

7. Save time and money

DIY roofing projects may take an immense amount of time to complete. For an expert, the scope of the project is well known when issuing the project plan. Therefore, the professional roofing contractor completes the project on time, while delivering quality results. This may not be the case for someone looking to complete the project themselves.

If you were to attempt the project yourself, you may end up using more roofing material when compared to an expert. Being a master of his craft, the roofing expert can estimate the materials required with a greater level of accuracy than a do-it-yourselfer.

An amateur learning on the job can expect poor estimates and poor results. In the case of a do-it-yourself project, you may end up with more material waste, potentially doubling the project’s total cost. 

Time and money are of the essence in any construction project. Talk to experienced local roofers to save money, ensure the project completion is punctual, and avoid unnecessary costs.

Roofing projects can be costly and be overwhelming to undertake. However, with the services of a professional roofing contractor in the Idaho Panhandle, you can enjoy peace of mind, and a project that goes smoothly to completion. An expert roofing contractor will have attention to detail and will aim to complete the roofing project within the agreed timelines.

As you weigh your options, remember these benefits of hiring a roofing company when you’re looking to restore your home or need new roof construction.